Escape Artist (2013) Lyrics


Avenged by a stranger
In other words awaiting shame
Unbelievable game
I’ve felt this way
But not today

So well, I’ve seen it all
Burning cores and step by step creation

No way out, we must wait another day
Define life again

I want to be all alone now
I want you to know

No worries, no regrets
No time to make amends

And now I feel the love in the wind so well
I`ll think of you my friend

Let me go, I’m on my own
(The sound of creation I hear)

I may be hopeless now
But notice how so are you
Are we slaves to the truth?

So take this chance to be with me

Don’t break those chains
I saw the witches of this world

Deceiver of shade
I hope for a proper release
Dead inside, wake up
I know you love the cemetery gates

Here we meet again
War is not my friend
I’d better find a way to defend
Dream chaser, with desire
I’d better find a way to win
Dream chaser

I have overwhelming thoughts
I will save and kill you all

Again, I run from these feelings again
Vengeance, manipulate
Are we slaves in our own world?

Nothing remains, all is lost
Nothing remains, only love.


Searching for loose ends
This world is moving inside you
Unbelievable how beautiful things are
In this world I leave all my hope
No, I’m not afraid to learn your precious lesson
Carry on, my dying grace,

Lifting souls along the way.
Waiting inside, will you decide?

Wake up to see Your Grace
We are able to fade
I can’t see you face

If only I would be so relieved
So peacefully I would run in your dreams
If only I would be so
If only I would be so relieved
So peacefully
Together we can run away now and forget about
All of this in a second

You’d better hear this warning
You don’t want to fail again
Under the sun we rest, as always
It has begun, we die, we die and lose this game


They run, accusing everyone
Of sins they all have made
Connections are lost
Dust from the past
Reach for help when you need more
Guidance that is all
And then you reach for more

I adore when you want me to hide in your mind
I will try not fail at all
We should be always free
Laying down on the ground
We’re alive, we’re alive.

Shame I’m a warrior
Pain is my ultimate goal
Heart will be the messenger
Life is just a turning point.

Stay down, remain in your seat now
Troubles run too deep and cannot be ignored
Stay down exceptions are a way out
Be ready for some pain now
It cannot be resolved

We are transformed
And life has evolved

Patience is a lie
This is a curse we all wish to hide
When the signal is lost
Read this abomination guide
For this vengeance this one will overcome

Please leave me, I’ll be asleep
Is this the way we can evolve right now?
Please leave me I’ll be asleep
Release me my patience is running out


In this world
I can only hope
Through the storm
I roam
Because all this will end
I’m tired to defend
Or make amends

Go now, I never knew how
I could be like this
I’ve tried so hard
Yet you still keep me in the dark
I’ve tried so hard

Sun goes down
But I’m too weak
Flares and dust, it’s all I see
There’s the goddess on her knees
All my troubles are gone
But only when I’m here
All my troubles are gone
In the garden of fears


And I know why
You left me here to die
I don’t care I’m leaving this behind

I don’t care if I fail
I don’t care what they say
She’s the goddess I want
She’s the goddess I will not betray

And I follow the sound
And I follow the wind
And let it take me away

I hope my wings are designed
To withstand all this weight
Why are my dreams torn apart?
I hope my wings are designed
To withstand all this weight
Why are my dreams torn apart?


Leaving this world I entered alone
For you
Leave me it’s over I know
Believe me, I’m not insane at all
But this is all I know
Believe me I’m not insane at all
Will I ever be loved?

Leaving this world I entered alone
Are you mine yet?

Slowly life ends, we raise our hands

Dead heart, you will live again
Hope is just a word, then we begin

Are you mine yet?

Slowly life ends, we raise our hands
Still we have to learn

Are you mine yet?


It was just a mask
Worn to hide
Those years of my past
Well it’s time
To refuse
It’s my right to
Remember that I am lost forever
I am lost, oh no, I am lost

Well waiting
Was not enough
As I still face this

This was just a mask
How did it all end so fast?

With me all is so complicated
You see, I fake it
And I smile
Embrace it
Or move along

Just like before
Cry and beg
For your soul


Regain your thoughts
Oh we discussed this
Fade away and your life will be mineI command your life
I will be fine until you rise

Although we had witnessed so much
Pray for your touch

Warning, what will it be?
Falling, I fall so deep
Before I fall asleep

Places I could find
Waiting for sunlight all my life
You make innovations
Regarding my creation
Can’t you hear my endless cry?
As I want to say goodbye

We are ready for
Seeking everyone
Madness stands alone
Don’t forget my plan

Hey you there
There`s no reason to fight
There will be only ashes
There will be only lies

Maybe you don’t understand
You are welcome to join our realm
Cause deep down inside my heart will bleed



Don’t be afraid to hunt
It`s not a sin
Well don’t be afraid to kill
They are infected
Stand back
The endless black will swallow you

This is not enough

Never again, torn in two
Never again, I’m over you

They are entering this world

Have you heard they are entering this world
They will come, they will come and we will burn

No fairytales, you can leave us here to rot
You always get what you deserve
Seed our dead hearts

Away, all those fairytales await
Oh, away, all those fairytales await in
This world


We have to escape this prison of ice
So many have died
We must plan this right
Leave this ancient place behind
Leace this ancient place to die

Show yourself save me
Show yourself to me

The story ends
Now I am free


I would like to learn before
My life is over and I know
That I have to go
I’m invincible
I’m the god of this world
I will save this soul
He still has a lot to learn!

No miracles
I thought I knew
How to live with my own truth

Oh, what is this?
Well I feel the calm before the storm

I believe it will come
The last wave
The last one
Just silence
I think it has begun
The last storm

You called for me I’m here
To save your life
Yes you deserve to live
And speak your mind
You called for me I’m here
You know me well
Yes you deserve to live
Escape this hell

I believe it will come
The last wave
The last one
Just silence

Fighting for the life I never had
Never give up on faith
And watch out for the wave

Never give up on faith
And watch out for the wave

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